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RDS MultiSense Featured in Global Health: Science and Practice

The following article was posted in the GHSP Journal on Sept 10th.

Continuous, remote monitoring of multiple vital signs in patients with Ebola, coupled with personalized data analytics, can warn health care workers of critical changes in patients' status much earlier than with conventional intermittent monitoring-which typically occurs just every 8 hours-and without risking the safety of health care workers. This sophisticated technology, in turn, could lead to earlier initiation of lifesaving interventions, better health outcomes, and reduced risk of spreading the virus.

A consortium of academic and industry partners, STAMP2 (which stands for Sensor Technology & Analytics to Monitor, Predict and Protect Ebola patients), has developed such a novel, wearable patient sensor-resembling a band-aid that tracks and wirelessly transmits multiple vital signs to remote health care workers in non-red zone observation areas...