Archived News Item

MultiSense™ Demo at HealthTech Conference

We were excited to demo our MultiSense™ technology at the annual HealthTech Conference in San Mateo, California on October 14th & 15th.

Several members of the RDS team staffed a booth at the show, and attendees had the opportunity to see the ground-breaking MultiSense™ technology at work in various demonstrations.

We were showing and explaining the various reports and analysis tools that are built into the software, as well as the capability to drill down and access the raw data as it comes in from the MultiSense™ Strip's nine sensors.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet professionals from various segments of the health care industry, and give them a peek into how we are changing the wearable remote monitor market.

The HealthTech Conference, organized and produced by HealthTech Capital, is an annual gathering of all the key healthcare industry players, from providers to investors to product innovators established and new.